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Jan, 2021


2021 Spring Baseball
Tee Ball
TBall is for kids Little League ages 4 to 6. One year of TBall is required before moving up into Coach Pitch. 

Division Price: $100.00
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Coach Pitch
Coach Pitch is for kids Little League ages 5 to 7. A player should have already played one year in TBall before moving up to Coach Pitch. And, a player should play one year of Coach Pitch before moving up to AA.

Division Price: $100.00
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Minors (AA/AAA)
Minors is broken up into two divisions: AA & AAA. Player evaluations will be held in March to determine if a player falls into AA or AAA. 

AA is a good transition out of coach pitch and into player pitch. Little League Ages typically range from 7 to 9 year olds.

AAA is the first division where the teams keep score, we have standings, and real umpires. Little League Ages typically range from 9 to 11 year olds.

Division Price: $125.00 
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Majors division is a competitive division of baseball. Players Little League ages 9 to 12 are eligible to tryout for a Majors team in October. A player draft is held in October and new players are added to existing teams based on the number of open roster spots which vary year over year. A player must be drafted to be placed on a Majors team. Once a player reaches age 12, they MUST be drafted to a Majors team for their 12 year old season.

Division Price: $125.00 - CLOSED 
Intermediate (50/70)
Players who are Little League ages 11 through 13 can sign up to play individually or in addition to their Majors or Juniors team. (without scheduled conflicts)

Games are played on a Sunday and another night during the week that doesn't conflict with Majors or Juniors.

Each team plays against other close by towns and also the other Auburn teams.

Intermediate helps to ease the transition to the bigger fields in the higher divisions by having a 50 ft. pitching distance and 70 ft. distance between bases.

Kids find this league very fun because you can lead off the bases, just like the real major leagues! An Intermediate All Star team will be selected to participate in the official Little League postseason tournament. 

Division Price: $75.00 (if paired w/ Majors or Juniors)
                     $125.00 (if signed up by individually)
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The Juniors division moves the player onto the big diamond, primarily for players Little League Age 13 and 14. 

Division Price: $115.00 
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The Seniors division is our final Little League division and is for players Little League ages 15 and 16. 

Division Price: $115.00 
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 *There is a family max of $300 in registration fees. Discounts will be applied automatically during registration

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